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5 Reasons to Switch to GreenPlanet’s 3-Part Base Nutrient System

3-Part nutrient programs are among the most popular fertilizers in the industry. Made for the expert grower, 3-Part systems offer plants everything they need in 3 bottles. From essential micronutrients like copper, boron, and zinc, to balanced levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, 3-Part nutrients are fed to plants in varying ratios throughout stages of propagation, growth, and bloom, making them the perfect stack of fertilizer for growers who want nothing but the best. 

As you probably know, almost every popular nutrient brand makes a 3-Part feeding system. But what makes one brand of fertilizer different from the rest? At GreenPlanet Nutrients, we pride ourselves on providing expert growers the best tools for the job – that’s why we’ve designed our 3-Part nutrient program to be the cleanest and most competitive formula on the market. If you’re looking for a new fertilizer, read the following article for 5 reasons to switch to GreenPlanet’s 3-Part base nutrient system. 

5 Reasons to Switch to GreenPlanet’s 3-Part (GP3)

  • No Synthetic Dyes or Colors
  • Highly Controllable
  • Seamlessly Intergratable
  • Low Salt Index
  • 100% Chelated Micronutrients

1.) No Synthetic Dyes or Colors

GP3 contains only what your plants need to thrive. All the colors in each formula of our 3-Part program are naturally derived from the ingredients during manufacturing. This means that the different colors in Micro, Bloom, and Grow are completely stable and contain no synthetic dyes or coloring additives. Food-grade dyes won’t necessarily harm your plants, but they also don’t provide any source of nutrition, and that’s why we’ve chosen to leave them out of our GP3 program.

GP3 Micro, Bloom, and Grow contain no synthetic dyes or coloring additives.

2.) Highly Controllable

Using a 3-Part nutrient system offers growers more control and flexibility in the garden. Compared to 1 or 2-Part base nutrients, 3-Part programs are fed to plants in varying amounts throughout different stages of growth. For example, GP3 Micro and Grow are fed more heavily during the vegetative stage, while GP3 Bloom is the primary component of the nutrient system during flower. These varying ratios make up a scheduled program of plant nutrition in each stage of growth, allowing growers to get the most out of their nutrients with little waste and no issues with common deficiencies. 

3.) Seamlessly Integratable 

GreenPlanet’s 3-Part nutrient system seamlessly integrates into any existing 3-Part program. So, if you just need Micro to fill a spot in your existing feed program – just buy Micro. No matter the brand, each part of GP3 will properly integrate into the program and provide the same essential elements and levels of nutrients. Even if you just need a small amount of GP3 to get you to harvest, you can be assured that the ingredients in GreenPlanet’s 3-Part will integrate seamlessly into any feed program on the market.

GreenPlanet’s 3-Part nutrient system seamlessly integrates into any existing 3-Part program

4.) Low Salt Index

GP3 contains no carbonates, bi-carbonates, unnaturally derivatives, or fillers. Even more interesting is that each product in the GP3 program goes through a rigorous filtration process during production to ensure an extremely low salt index. This makes GreenPlanet’s 3-Part nutrient system one of the cleanest and most soluble formulas on the market. The cleanliness of GP3 not only leads to more ease while using the product, but it also promotes a cleaner, less salt-ridden environment and root zone for your growing plants. 

GP3 promotes a cleaner, less salt-ridden environment

5.) 100% Chelated Micronutrients

All the micronutrients in the GP3 program are 100% chelated. Chelated elements act as catalysts for nutrient uptake by cloaking metals like copper and iron in charged ions to detract them from reacting negatively with water or other negatively charged ions. Chelated micronutrients are generally of higher quality, as chelated metals have an easier time passing through the cell walls of plants, therefore leading to the faster uptake of essential micronutrients.  

The 100% chelated minerals in GP3 allow for a faster and more aggressive uptake of essential nutrients by the plant.

More About the GP3 Feed Program Bundle 

Knowing what separates GP3 from the competition is just the beginning; to truly understand the quality and design of GreenPlanet’s 3-Part nutrient system, you have to try it yourself. Made for the expert grower, GP3 is the perfect nutrient program for cultivators looking to push quality genetics to new and exciting heights. 

Our unrivalled 3-Part base nutrient system is formulated with the veteran grower in mind. If you love 3-Parts, you’ll love GP3. It’s tailored for specific stages of growth, ensuring you get the results you’re after.

For optimal results when growing with our GP3 Feed Program, we recommend following the GP3 Feed Program Feed Chart. Feed Charts can be found in our Resource Centre here.

Refer to our Nutrient Calculator for application rates during each week of plant growth.

Whatever your style of garden, chances are, GreenPlanet Nutrients has the perfect base nutrient program. To access the programs available at GreenPlanet Nutrients, contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

Check out our Resource Centre for more product information

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