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Enhance Your Crop with Flowering Supplements and Additives

In any environmental setting, plants have distinct dietary requirements. Like people, there are only certain elements that plants can readily absorb in order to maintain healthy bouts of new, disease-free growth. In total, there are 16 essential elements necessary for healthy and deficient-free plant growth. These elements are separated into two categories, macro and micronutrients, and are typically combined at an adequate rate within liquid, powdered or granular nutrient supplements called “base nutrients”, or, at higher levels in varying ratios in fertilizers called “additives”.

Base nutrient supplements can be seen as your plant’s source of “meat and potatoes”, essential elements necessary for growing healthy crops. Additives on the other hand, if we stick with food analogies, can be described as a plant’s “dessert”, something that is not essential for survival, but if supplemented appropriately, can ultimately enhance the potential for size, flavour and appeal during flower. While the importance of base nutrients supplements is unparalleled in the lifecycle of a plant, additives also have an important role to play. By combining additives and supplements during the flowering period, growers can ensure their crop will be pushed to its genetic limits. Follow the passages below to find out more about the flowering supplements and additives available at GreenPlanet Nutrients. 

Nutrient Requirements During Flower

As mentioned above, there are 16 essential plant nutrients that are needed to maintain healthy patterns of growth. During the periods of early, late and middle flower, however, some of these elements, most notably phosphorus and potassium, are needed in greater quantities to help support the development of fully established and sugar-coated flowers. Although, other elements and minerals can also support and enhance the generation of trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes and flavours.

Follow the passages below for a look at bloom boosting supplements that can help your crop reach its full potential in all stages of the flowering period:

Bloom Boosting Additives 

PK Spike 

Depending on the genetic characteristics of your crop, plants will typically begin to exhibit the signs of flower sites 10-14 days in an environment with a 12-hour darkness photoperiod. During this stage of early flower, gardeners will be able to make out a female plant’s elongated pistils, or maybe even the first formation of flower sites. To speed up this transition phase and to help encourage the formation of new, developing flower sites, gardeners can include a heavy phosphorus and potassium supplement into their established feeding routine. GreenPlanet Nutrients PK Spike, for example, is an excellent source of clean and quality sourced phosphorus and potassium; and, if used in conjunction with a base nutrient regime, PK Spike can quickly increase root-mass, speed up the production of flower sites and strengthen a plants cell walls for the later support of heavy flowers. 

Massive Bloom Formulation 

The middle of flower is an extremely important period of growth for plants. At this stage, a plant’s metabolism has completely committed itself to the process of converting elements into energy, which it then sends to the formation of large, developing flowers. With this process moving quickly along through weeks 3-5 of the flowering period, cannabis plants, while still needing adequate amounts of (N), (P) and (K), often become deficient in starches that are used in the conversion of elements into useable energy. To combat this issue and to assist your crop in producing its highest potential output, consider using a well-rounded and tested bloom booster that is accompanied by an array of simple sugars. Massive Bloom Formulation is a good example of a product that contains a solid blooming N-P-K of 1-2-3, as well as carbohydrates derived from yucca and molasses extract.


Between the flowering weeks 5-7, your main bud sites and colas should have taken on their finishing shape and size. However, what might be missing in the late stages of flower development is hardness, weight and density. If the environmental conditions of a garden are less than ideal, for example, if temperatures or humidity percentages reach inadequate levels for extended periods, mature flowers can begin to wilt, lose rigidity, or become soft and sponge-like. To increase late-flower hardiness, consider adding a high potassium supplement like Horti-rawk to your existing feeding schedule. Horti-rawk will assist in providing your plants with the potential to redirect energy at the cellular level, leading to increased tightness and weight in the final weeks before harvest. 

Carbohydrate and Trichome Supplements 

Liquid Weight 

Liquid Weight contains an array of simple sugars like dextrose, sucrose and fructose. To encourage the rapid growth of healthy bacteria, fungi and protozoa in your root zone, pairing your regular feeding program with a surgery carbohydrate supplement will help to speed up the growth rate of beneficial microbes. Plants spend an amazing amount of energy-releasing sugars like cellulose into the root zone; so, by supplementing your plant’s expenditures with additional carbs, you can be sure the beneficial microbes in your soil will be plentifully fed, which in turn will support the cultivation and growth of your living medium. Adding a liquid carbohydrate supplement to your feeding program during the flowering phase will encourage your plants to feed heavier, increase output, enhance yields, and lead to more desirable flavours, pigmentation, terpene density and trichome expansion. 

Karbo Boost 

Karbo Boost is our powdered carbohydrate supplement. Accompanying all the benefits of Liquid Weight, Karbo Boost is the economic and long-lasting choice for gardeners outside of hydroponic mediums and contains all the necessary elements to increase microbial growth, nutrient absorption and fluid uptake. The end result of using Karbo Boost is a significant increase in flower weight, taste, and overall yield. If your goal is getting the most out of your garden, investing in Karbo Boost is a good place to start. 


Rezin is our flowering additive formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma. Growers can begin using Rezin at any time during the flowering period to encourage plants to express and expand terpenes and trichomes in flowers and across “sugar-leaves”. However, adding Rezin during the last week of the vegetative stage has shown to increase the availability of potential terpenes that will be ready for full expression in the later stages of flower. The formula does not contain any plant growth regulators (PGRs), artificial colouring or dyes, and can be used until the final day before harvest. 

Whatever your style of garden, chances are, GreenPlanet has the best fertilizer to get you started. To access the products available at GreenPlanet Wholesale, contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

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