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Fix 5 Common Nutrient Deficiencies with GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal

N-P-K is an acronym for the most readily available macronutrients found in plant food. These important elements, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), are the building blocks of plant nutrition and are an essential part of a plant’s diet throughout the periods of vegetative and flowering growth. However, there are another 7 elements called micronutrients that are also essential for plant health. Without access to essential elements, crops can exhibit deficiencies such as yellowing, purple, or bronze discoloration, spotting, interveinal chlorosis and slow, or stunted growth. Lucky for us, GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal is loaded with several sources of primary, secondary, and micronutrients to ensure your plants stay healthy and happy in all stages of growth. If you’re interested in what Pro Cal can do for your garden, read the following passages to learn how to fix 5 common nutrient deficiencies with GreenPlanet’s premier micronutrient supplement.  

What is Pro Cal?

Pro Cal is GreenPlanet’s supplemental source of essential elements that plants require at all stages of growth. Pro Cal’s formula provides readily available calcium and magnesium, as well as iron, nitrogen, boron, and zinc. This formula ensures your plants do not come up short when they are ready for rapid growth. Plants undergo a large amount of stress in their goal to build cell walls, produce chlorophyll, conduct photosynthesis, and perform other key plant functions. Pro Cal helps plants with this workload by providing access to a variety of clean, quality-assured elements.

Fix 5 Common Nutrient Deficiencies with Pro Cal

1. Nitrogen Deficiency

Access to a rich and abundant source of nitrogen is extremely important. Symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in crops are as follows: light green growth, yellowing, general discoloration, and brown spotting. Nitrogen is needed by plants to promote rapid growth, especially for fruit and flower development. Also, nitrogen increases leaf size and hastens photosynthesis during the vegetative stage. If plants do not receive adequate nitrogen, crops can become spindly and wilted, new leaves will become smaller and the plant will slowly suffer by withering away into nothing.

Nitrogen deficiency in crops are as follows: light green growth, yellowing, general discoloration.

Pro Cal can help correct nitrogen deficiencies in plants. With an N-P-K of 2-0-0, it’s the perfect supplement to add to your existing feeding program. If you start to notice any one of the common symptoms above, just add Pro Cal at the recommended rate (1.25ml/L) until you notice healthy, vigorously growing new shoots and leaves. 

2. Calcium Deficiency

Here are some of the symptoms of a plant with a calcium deficiency: stunted foliage, yellowing edges, and leaf tips that resemble tip burn. In the most serious cases, a calcium deficiency will result in browning leaf tips that slope downwards and become crunchy to the touch. Calcium is a major contributor to the plant’s cell wall and provides structural support to cell walls and leaf development. Also, calcium is needed by plants to produce new growing points and root tips. Without an adequate supply of calcium, plants will quickly suffer by developing one of the common symptoms above.  

Calcium deficiency: stunted foliage, yellowing edges, and leaf tips that resemble tip burn.

Luckily, calcium is a major component in GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal. If you happen to notice the development of a calcium deficiency in your plants, incorporate Pro Cal into your feeding program until your crops are healthy and free of any calcium deficiency.

3. Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency symptoms: older leaves with interveinal chlorosis, and yellow and brown spotting. In severe cases, plant growth rate drops, leaf size is reduced, and the lower leaves are shed. Magnesium is a structural component of the chlorophyll molecule. Plants need this important element to produce carbohydrates, sugars, and fats and in the regulation of nutrient absorption. 

Magnesium deficiency leaves have interveinal chlorosis and yellow and brown spotting.

Pro Cal is formulated with a major dose of magnesium. So, if your plants are displaying symptoms of a magnesium deficiency, add Pro Cal to your preexisting nutrient solution at a rate of 1.25ml/L until new, deficiency-free growth appears.

4. Iron Deficiency

A lack of iron can present growers with a variety of problems. Symptoms of an iron deficiency include light green to yellow interveinal chlorosis on newly emerging leaves, dying roots, and in severe cases, reduced leaf size, and dead spots on old growth. Iron is needed by plants for the synthesis of chloroplast proteins and various enzymes. Like a magnesium deficiency, a lack of iron will cause a severe interveinal chlorophyll discoloration – leaves will likely be a light green color with dark green or black veinal lines. However, an iron deficiency will cause this phenomenon in new growth, not old.

Iron deficiency includes light green to yellow interveinal chlorosis on newly emerging leaves.

Three types of chelated iron are incorporated into GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal: Iron EDTA, Iron EDDHA, and Iron DTPA. These multiple sources ensure that iron can be absorbed at different and varying pH ranges. For example, iron EDTA is held strongly in a solution at a pH of 6.0, while iron DTPA is held in pH ranges above 8.0. So, if you happen to notice even a minor iron deficiency, consider supplying your plants with Pro Cal. This inclusion will provide your crop with not one, but multiple sources of chelated iron.

5. Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is an extremely underrated micronutrient. Plants with a lack of zinc will exhibit symptoms such as light green, pale leaves with aggressive dark veins; and in severe cases, tip burn and bronze or red spotting starting from the tip down will appear. Zinc is important because it unlocks and facilitates the uptake of natural plant growth regulators. Without access to hormones like auxins and gibberellins, plants will quickly exhibit the symptoms above. Also, natural growth patterns will slow, internodal spacing will drastically decrease, and new leaves and shoots will shrink. 

Plants with a lack of zinc will exhibit symptoms such as light green, pale leaves with aggressive dark veins; and in severe cases, tip burn.

To avoid the issues above, chelated zinc EDTA has been included in GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal. It’s extremely important to provide your plant’s access to natural plant hormones during all stages of growth. So, by including Pro Cal in your regular feeding routine, you can guarantee the avoidance of zinc-related deficiencies. 

GreenPlanet Nutrients makes a wide variety of feed programs, additives, and maintenance supplements. To access the products available at GreenPlanet Nutrients, contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

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