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Go Beyond the Feed Program with Root Builder, Plant Guard and PK Spike

Alongside GreenPlanet’s specially formulated feeding programs, there are many additives and supplements that are available to growers which have the potential to elevate your product to the next level. Whether you’re interested in rapidly expanding your plant’s root-zone, strengthening stems, branches and stalks, or, simply providing a highly soluble concentration of phosphorus and potassium throughout the flowering stage – GreenPlanet Nutrients has you covered. Here’s a look at three products from GreenPlanet that takes you and your garden beyond the feed program! 

Root Builder

GreenPlanet’s Root Builder is densely packed with two strains of extremely active beneficial bacteria: Bacillus Licheniformis and Bacillus Subtilis. Both of these microorganisms have different roles in the root zone. For example, Bacillus Licheniformis is utilized quickly to break down soluble minerals and convert them to energy for the plant. While strains of Bacillus Subtilis mainly support a plant’s immune system by producing molecules called iturins, which target and eliminate sources of harmful bacteria. Without healthy probiotic supplements like Root Builder, stressful environmental conditions, inconsistent irrigation, or a deficient feeding program, may produce a diseased root zone incapable of supporting steady growth. To save on the stress of a stunted plant, invest in your root zone today with GreenPlanet’s Root Builder!

Plant Guard

Plant Guard is GreenPlanet’s source of liquid Potassium Silicate, which supports plant growth and durability in all stages of development. Potassium Silicate is a valuable element that plants utilize at the cellular level to build up defenses against harmful pathogens, stress, and extreme weather conditions. This resistance to stressors happens when the cell walls of the plant harden due to the uptake of Silicate in the root zone. The action of hardening typically results in the production of thicker stalks, branches, and broader leaves in the vegetative state, and the ability to support larger, heavier flowers in the budding stage. 

PK Spike 

PK Spike is derived from several highly soluble sources of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) and formulated to deliver high amounts of PK to flowering plants. This product is designed to encourage budding, and help facilitate the bulking and ripening of flowering plants. To hasten the pace at which your indoor plants produce buds, add PK Spike to your base nutrient solution the first two weeks of flower, and then again at the last two weeks before flush to increase the density, fullness, and development of your flowers. 

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