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How BackCountry Blend Boost Increases Bud Weight, Size and Hardness During Flower

The final weeks of flower during the outdoor season is an immensely important time. As the ideal summer weather fades into fall, plants in the garden become susceptible to dozens of damaging hazards. But even more important than protecting your crop against pests, disease and poor weather, is enhancing the potential of a crop’s final output. If you already use BackCountry Blend Grow and Bloom in the outdoor garden, be assured, you’re well on your way to a heavy, quality-focused harvest. However, among other additives that increase bud weight, size and hardness during flower, BackCountry Blend Boost is the only granular, slow-release fertilizer that promises economic nutrition, without compromising results. Read the passages below to find out more about the bud-enhancing benefits of BackCountry Blend Boost

What is BackCountry Blend Boost? 

BackCountry Blend (BCB) Boost is a controlled release granular bloom additive. Apply BCB Boost to soil or peat moss to provide your plants with a boost of PK during the flowering stage, or, add Boost seamlessly with the rest of GreenPlanet’s BackCountry Blend feeding program. The Boost portion of BCB was formulated to provide your outdoor plants with an extra dose of phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and humic acid during the initial and later stages of flower.  Among other benefits like a relaxed feeding routine, low upfront costs and decreased labour requirements, BackCountry Blend is the only outdoor specific fertilizers that offer growers economic plant nutrition and quality results.

BackCountry Blend Boost: Use and Application 

For reliable results, apply BackCountry Blend Boost at a rate of 0.5-1 teaspoon(s) per foot of plant height. Depending on the maturity of your outdoor garden, apply BCB Boost to your crop six weeks before harvest or in the 9th-12th week of flowering growth. Broadcast the granular fertilizer evenly across the media, pre-amended your choice of potting soil, or pile your application of BCB under drip emitters or next to the stalk of the plant. Because BackCountry Blend Boost is such an aggressive formula, allow 3-5 weeks to pass before re-enriching your medium. Also, like most other feeding programs, the BackCountry Blend system has a prescribed method of use over time. To get the most out of the BCB feed program, review and follow the system on a week-by-week basis. 

Here is an example of the costs and application used with Backcountry Boost alongside Backcountry Blend Grow and Backcountry Blend Bloom as a complete Feed Program.

How (P) and (K) Boosters Increase Weight, Size and Hardness

Growers often use a variety of PK boosters to stimulate a chemical change that redirects energy and growth to the vertical tips of plants. If added at right time, a PK boost can increase the weight, size and hardness of buds and flowers. So, in the case of BackCountry Blend, amend this 0-18-19 fertilizer alongside your standard applications of BCB Bloom for the best results; or, add Boost as a standalone supplement to provide your crop with a variety of benefits. For example, if you were to apply BCB Boost to your medium in the 2nd-3rd week of flower, you might notice an increase in bud sites or the swelling of already existing flowers. Here’s what Rich Hamilton, writer for Maximum Yield magazine, says on the use of PK boosters in the garden:

It all depends on what feeds you are using and what you want your plants to do and when. Here are the effects of PK in a nutshell: PK used early tends to increase the amount of flower sites; PK used at the mid to later stages tends to concentrate on increasing what’s already there; PK used at the midpoint gives you the best of both worlds (but by definition also the best of none).

(Hamilton, 2016, para.17)

So, whatever feed system or nutrient routine you happen to use during the outdoor season, it’s clear that using a PK booster in specific stages of growth has the potential to increase bud quality and quantity. If you plan to try a PK supplement in the garden this year, try BackCountry Blend Boost as a standalone supplement to increase the size, weight and hardness of your crop’s flowers.

Want to learn more about BackCountry Blend? Read the blog: Elevate Your Outdoor Garden With BackCountry Blend.

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