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Support your local economy and the Environment by shopping at a store near you

At Green Planet Nutrients, we encourage you to be kinder to the planet and to support your local economy by purchasing our products at a retailer close to you. 

You can do your part to reduce the Carbon Footprint associated with shipping and handling, while at the same time saving on shipping costs and supporting the local economy simply by making your purchase at a local retailer as opposed to buying on-line

Who grow together, stay together.

The Green Planet way!

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  • Understanding the Feed Program: Hydro Fuel
    GreenPlanet Nutrients makes four different and distinct feed programs. Made for the medicinal gardener, the 1-Part Medi-One feed program is an organic system that offers plants a wide variety of bio-available elements. The 2-Part Dual Fuel program is GreenPlanet’s
  • Everything You Need to Know About GreenPlanet’s Hydro Fuel
    GreenPlanet’s Hydro Fuel was made for the easy-going, traditional gardener – someone who wants the control and intricacy of a multipart base nutrient, but with none of the extra effort. Choosing a reliable nutrient system can be a challenging
  • Enhance the Smell and Taste of Cannabis with 3 Simple Supplements
    There is no greater shame than harvesting a beautiful crop, only to have it dried, stale and tasteless, soft, squishy, and smelling of hay. The look of growers during this revelation is daunting. Some may be indifferent about the

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April 25th – May 2nd USA Stock Count / Please expect shipping delays during these dates.


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