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Our New GP3 Feed Program Made Just For AutoPot Growers

Justin Cooper, Co-Founder of GreenPlanet Nutrients talking about GP3

Simple Grow Systems Need a Simple Nutrient Program

AutoPot Watering Systems offer a simple to use automatic watering systems that can be used either as a hydroponic system or as a traditional soil irrigation system. It makes indoor and greenhouse growing easy for any grower. When working with AutoPot to learn how our plant nutrients could benefit their growers in the best way possible, we needed to understand what AutoPot users wanted from their feed program. We knew that the grow systems required extremely clean formulas with high-quality ingredients as the source of plant nutrition. We also understood that AutoPot growers wanted nutrient programs that simplified their lives, while still delivering an impressive crop.

These demands led us to develop two brand new nutrient programs specifically for AutoPot cultivators: The 2 Part Autopot Dual Fuel Feed Program and the 3 Part AutoPot GP3 Feed Program. GreenPlanet Nutrients focuses on pure nutrient formulas with readily available ingredients, making them an essential source of nutrients for any plants.

There were demands for us to make a 3 part for years, and not only making it, but making it better than what was on the market. GP3 has pure ingredients, better ratios, a more complete formula, and that’s going to give growers better results and better value. Each formula is 100% water soluble and readily available, making it easy for your plant to uptake.

Justin Cooper, Co-Founder of GreenPlanet Nutrients

A Proven Formula Tested By Growers

With proven results since its initial launch, it was no brainer to create an AutoPot Feed Program based on our 3 part base nutrient, GP3. Our Grow, Micro, and Bloom formulas have been tested and approved by veteran craft growers as their go-to 3 part nutrient in any grow medium. As mentioned, nutrients used in an AutoPot need to have a clean formula to avoid clogging the lines and AquaValves in the system. It is nothing but a headache having to isolate AutoPot Grow Modules in order to perform emergency system maintenance when problems arise because of nutrients. All 3 formulas of GP3 are 100% water-soluble, ensuring you can add it to your AutoPot Reservoir without having to worry about any build-up or clogged lines. The only thing you should worry about after feeding your plants is what’s for dinner!

With our formulas ensuring nutrients are available to the plants when they are ready to uptake them, the intuitive design of the AutoPot Watering System can function seamlessly. The AquaValve found in each module of the grow system will deliver the nutrient solution to the plant when it needs it, and with GP3, it is getting a full array of macro and micronutrients it needs at all stages of growth.

Nutrition Matters For Your Plants

GP3 Grow provides your plants with the optimal nutrients they require in the vegetative stage of growth. This stage is when your plants develop leafy green foliage and a strong root system that will be able to support flowering sites during the bloom stage. GP3 Micro contains an extensive range of ethically sourced, guaranteed micronutrients to ensure your plants are getting the highest quality fertilizer possible. These include necessary elements such as iron (Fe), boron (B) and calcium (Ca), all of which benefit the plant throughout its entire life cycle. Finally, GP3 Bloom delivers a healthy dose of phosphorous and potassium, which plants uptake in large amounts during the flowering stage of growth to product beautiful and healthy buds. All 3 formulas work together in every week of plant growth to deliver the fundamental nutrients your garden needs to thrive.

Get Growing With Our New 3 Part AutoPot Starter Kit

We wanted to make using the GP3 AutoPot Feed Program in an AutoPot Watering System as easy as possible, so we made a brand new nutrient Starter Kit to get growers started with the right fertilizers. The New 3 Part AutoPot Starter Kit comes with all the components of GP3: GP3 Grow, GP3 Bloom, and GP3 Micro. They supply your grow with the foundation of NPK and more.

You’ll also find a collection of additive and supplement nutrients in the Kit for added benefits. Our Vitathrive Propagation Solution is a comprehensive additive blend of vitamins and minerals formulated for the vegetative stage of plant growth. It is designed to reinforce plant health and support essential functions. Rezin is our aroma and flavour enhancer that greatly increases the essential oil and resin production of flowering plants. It will push size, aromas, and flavours to bring out the best qualities of your plants for a high-quality crop.

The last product is our highly effective bloom booster, PK Spike. Derived from multiple, highly soluble sources of phosphorous and potassium, PK Spike is designed to encourage budding, help facilitate bulking, and ripening of flowering plants. With large amounts of PK delivered to your plants, you’ll see earlier and more uniform crop maturity, improved flower quality, and tighter buds for a heavy harvest. PK Spike will not leave any biofilm or residue than can be problematic in an AutoPot System. It is an incredibly clean flowering additive that will help your plants thrive in an AutoPot.

It can be a struggle to find the right fertilizers to use in a grow system, especially with so many choices out there. With the GreenPlanet 3 Part AutoPot GP3 Feed Program and 3 Part AutoPot Starter Kit, we’ve ended the search and made the choice an easy one. AutoPot growers now have a clean, simple, and high-quality source of nutrients for their plants.

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