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The Benefits of Slow-Release Fertilizer

In a garden where quality is the goal, liquid fertilizer programs, specifically those which offer a variety of organic, synthetic or mixed-method nutrition, time after time, produce the most quality-driven and consistent results. However, as the garden moves outdoors, the goals, costs, and expectations of a crop change. In this fundamental switch of environment, more and more growers have begun to realize the benefits of using slow-release fertilizer during the outdoor season. While using slow-release fertilizer this season, you can expect the following benefits in the garden: savings on time, labour and upfront costs.

With the season approaching, there a single formula trusted by the experienced outdoor gardener – GreenPlanet’s BackCountry Blend. Coming in three specific “parts”, BackCountry Blend is the complete, cost-effective and reliable system of plant nutrition that was specifically designed to save the outdoor grower time, money and labour. For the best results in the garden this year, follow the article below to learn more about the benefits of GreenPlanet’s BackCountry Blend

What is BackCountry Blend? 

BackCountry Blend (BCB) is a granular, slow-release nutrient system that provides your plants with stable nutrition throughout periods of vegetative, flowering and ripening growth. The complete feed program comes in three parts: Grow, Bloom and Boost. While each product has the same application in the garden, each part has its own function based on the stage of plant growth. Furthermore, the Grow, Bloom and Boost formulations of BackCountry Blend come incorporated with TrueCoat technology: a proprietary blend of micronutrients that are amended into each pellet of BackCountry Blend. This ensures that plants remain healthy and unblemished by nutrient deficiencies throughout all stages of growth. 

To learn more about the individual parts, use and application of BackCountry Blend, read our blog titled: Elevate Your Outdoor Garden With BackCountry Blend.

Benefits to Expect From BackCountry Blend 

Because of the economical value of BackCountry Blend, not to mention the easy use and application rate, growers can expect to save time, money and labour over the course of the outdoor season. Follow the passages below to find out exactly how BackCountry Blend affords gardeners the easiest and most profitable outdoor season possible. 

Save Time

Unlike liquid fertilizers that require bi-weekly feedings, mixing and constant buffering, Backcountry Blend saves growers time by being the simplest and most aggressive slow-release formula on the market.

Save Money

Among other nutrients systems specifically tailored for the outdoor garden, Backcountry Blend is the only feed program that promises significant cost savings without compromising results.

Save on Labour

With a slow-release fertilizer like Backcountry Blend, you can expect a massive decrease in labour.

Save Time 

Unlike liquid fertilizers that require bi-weekly feedings, mixing and constant buffering, BackCountry Blend saves growers time by being the simplest and most aggressive slow-release formula on the market. For reliable results, apply BackCountry Blend at a rate of 0.5-1 teaspoon per foot of plant height, and allow at least 3-5 weeks to pass before enriching the medium again.

There is absolutely no guesswork or learning curve with BackCountry Blend: just broadcast the fertilizer over your medium and watch your crop thrive! 

Save Money 

In one of our early blogs, Our Affordable Fertilizer Solution for Outdoor Growing, we described a cost-benefit analysis of using either liquid or slow-release fertilizer during the outdoor season. Throughout the article, it was shown that growers who used BackCountry Blend, as opposed to more complicated liquid fertilizers, saved approximately $959.95 over a 14 week period. Furthermore, it was found that growers who chose the slow-release fertilizer over liquid were able to supplement three full seasons of outdoor growing with an initial investment of $137.97. While the analysis mainly focuses on the upfront costs of fertilizer during the outdoor season, it also refers to some of the unparalleled benefits of slow-release fertilizer like savings on time and labour. 

Save on Labour 

With a slow-release fertilizer like BackCountry Blend, you can expect a massive decrease in labour. In a typical indoor garden, liquid fertilizer may be applied in a number of different ways; most popularly, experts recommend adding plant food to a garden’s irrigation schedule every other day. So over a 14-week outdoor season, it would not be unexpected for growers to use liquid plant food to mix, measure and balance nutrient solution over thirty-two times. Needless to say, the accumulated labour it takes to manage liquid fertilizer over such a long period of time can add up quickly. With BackCountry Blend, however, growers will amend their medium an average of six times over the growing season. Furthermore, this process of granular application requires no water reservoir, measuring, balancing or mixing. 

The average feeding amounts of 3 tsp or 15 grams was multiplied by 10 to fit the parameters of a 10 plant outdoor garden. 

Want to save time, money and labour in the garden this season? Make the switch to BackCountry Blend! Contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

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