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Our Affordable Fertilizer Solution for Outdoor Growing

With strong genetics, ideal weather and quality sourced inputs, even novice growers can experience success during the outdoor season. New growers have taken to the outdoor garden for many reasons; but most notably, growing outside requires little to no upfront investment, as lighting systems, environmental hardware and digital controls are managed naturally by the spring and summer months. So, with the environment in the garden taken care of, there is only a single input that needs to be continually purchased – fertilizer. 

Among other nutrient systems specifically tailored for the outdoor garden, BackCountry Blend is the only feed program that promises economic nutrition without compromising results. Follow the article below for more information on the cost of fertilizer, and save money this season with GreenPlanet Nutrients BackCountry Blend

The Cost of Fertilizer During the Outdoor Season 

The following passages are a cost-benefit analysis of the investment of nutrient “inputs” during the outdoor season. The analysis will show between two feeding programs, Hydro Fuel’s 4-Part liquid fertilizer and BackCountry’s Blend (BCB) slow-release nutrient system, that GreenPlanet’s BCB program evidently saves the grower both upfront and continual costs over the duration of the outdoor season. To minimize variables, consistent parameters and concepts have been set into our nutrient calculator throughout the analysis; these include: 

A 14 week, start to finish, outdoor season.
A nutrient reservoir of approximately 200 litres or 50 gallons.
A staggered feeding schedule of liquid nutrients twice per week. 
Ten outdoor plants with a maximum height of six feet.
An outdoor season with ideal weather conditions; for the purpose of this analysis, an ideal growing season (one without hazards) will be imagined.
An assumption that the benefits (yield, quality, size, aroma) of the outdoor season will be within a certain degree of closeness in either garden. 

The analysis will be broken down into two sections: one that will examine the upfront and overtime costs associated with liquid fertilizer, and one that will determine the cost of a granular, slow-release system. 

The Cost of Growing with Liquid Fertilizer

By using GreenPlanet’s Hydro Fuel 4-Part nutrient system, you can expect the upfront and recurring investment of fertilizer during the outdoor season to be approximately $1,097.92. Based on the parameters listed above, and by carefully following the nutrient calculations for Hydro Fuel’s 4-Part feed program, a 10L set of the Hydro Fuel nutrient system would be required for an outdoor garden of this size.

A full program includes the following: Hydro Fuel Grow A & B, Hydro Fuel Bloom A & B, Vitathrive Propagation Solution, Rezin, Massive Bloom Formulation and Liquid Weight. These are the nutrient amounts and requirements over a 14 week period: 

While there is obviously some variation in amounts and requirements as we examine each nutrient supplement, based on the “bundle” package gardeners receive when buying fertilizer in bulk amounts, the 10L system is the recommended start to finish quantity. The fertilizer volume amounts over a 14-week period were calculated by referring to the Hydro Fuel 4-Part feed program nutrient calculator. Sticking with the conceptualized parameters of the analysis, the reservoir size was set at 200L, the vegetative period was extended by three weeks, and the nutrient amounts were doubled to simulate feeding at least twice per indicated week. 

The Cost of Growing with Slow-Release Fertilizer

Using GreenPlanet’s BackCountry Blend formula in an outdoor garden of the same size will result in average fertilization costs of $137.97. Again, by following the concepts, garden parameters and nutrient calculations listed above, 10 plants with a maximum height of six feet would only require the smallest size of the BackCountry Blend feeding program.

This program includes BackCountry Blend Grow, BackCountry Blend Bloom and BackCountry Blend Boost, all in 5KG sizes. Here are the following nutrient and feeding requirements for the same 14-week growing season: 

Unlike the liquid feed program above, with the BackCountry Blend formula, there is absolutely no variation in fertilizer amounts. So, not only is the granular, slow-release fertilizer more cost-effective, but it also proposes increased simplicity, cuts down on labour costs, and, with nutrient enrichment only necessary 6 out of 14 weeks, the BackCountry Blend feeding system evidently suggests a more relaxed feeding schedule. The fertilizer volume amounts were calculated by referring to the BackCountry Blend feed program nutrient calculator. The average feeding amounts of 3 tsp or 15 grams was multiplied by 10 to fit the parameters of a 10 plant outdoor garden. 

Cost Comparison between the 4 Part Hydro Fuel Feed Program & BackCountry Blend Outdoor Feed Program

Above we’ve calculated the individual costs of growing with the Hydro Fuel Feed Program and the BackCountry Blend Outdoor Feed Program. Below we’ve summarized the costs for you to see the price difference.

The overall cost of growing with the Hydro Fuel 4-Part feed program:  


The overall cost of growing with the BackCountry Blend feed program:



Based on the analysis above, and with the assumption that either feed program will result in consistent benefits, the BackCountry feed program is arguably the best fit for the outdoor garden. Not only is the BCB formula more cost-effective, coming in almost eight times cheaper than a liquid fertilizer program, but the additional decrease in labour and time is of added benefit to gardens at any scale. Furthermore, the BackCountry Blend feed program is a dry, granular product; meaning, that GreenPlanet’s BCB formula has an increased shelf life as opposed to liquid fertilizers that were exposed to air. For example, the analysis shows that a 10 plant garden could have over three successful seasons of outdoor growing on the initial investment of $137.97. 

Want to save time, money and labour in the garden this season? Make the switch to BackCountry Blend! Contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

Save Money

Among other nutrient systems specifically tailored for the outdoor garden, BackCountry Blend is the only feed program that promises significant cost savings without compromising results.

Save Time

Unlike liquid fertilizers that require bi-weekly feedings, mixing and constant buffering, BackCountry Blend saves growers time by being the simplest and most aggressive slow-release formula on the market.

Save Labour

With a slow-release fertilizer like BackCountry Blend, you can expect a massive decrease in labour

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