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1 Part Medi-One Feed Program

1 Part Medi-One Feed Program 

A complete, organic feed program formulated for the medical grower. 

Medi-One is a balanced blend of organic ingredients that produce vigorous growth in the vegetative stage and resinous aromatic flora production in the flowering stage. Medi-One is also OMRI listed, which means that the ingredients that go into producing Medi-One are backed against industry standards for organic fertilizer production. 

Feed Program Contains: 



Feed Program Benefits:

Medi One is OMRI Listed for Organic Use

The formula for Medi-One is backed against OMRI’s standard for organic fertilizer production. This ensures that the ingredients formulated in Medi-One are:

  • Consistent 
  • Quality-Driven
  • Organic

Readily Available Elements 

Unlike granular or powdered organic fertilizers, the elements in Medi-One are instantly bio-available. 

Unique Ingredients

Medi-One is formulated from multiple organic sources including hydrolyzed, slow-steamed Atlantic Menhaden, sea kelp, naturally sourced potassium sulfate and a variety of micronutrients like copper, boron, manganese and zinc.

Award Winning

Medi-One helped grow Medi-Kush, winner of the Medical Cannabis Cup in 2011.

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  • Use and Concentration 

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