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Loose Bud

Loose, sponge-like flowers can be highly disappointing. Caused by a combination of poor genetics, inadequate nutrients, swings in temperature/humidity, insufficient lighting, and stress, loose buds are hardly worth harvesting. Soft, fluffy flowers can also be deceiving. So, to avoid the upset of harvesting loose bud, gently squeeze one of your colas to test the rigidity of your ripening flowers. If soft, consider enhancing your crop with GreenPlanet’s Horti RawK.

Caused By: 

  • Poor Genetics 
  • Inadequate Nutrients 
  • High/Low Temperature & Humidity Differential 
  • Insufficient Lighting 
  • Plant Stress

Solution: Horti RawK

Horti RawK is a flowering additive with a specially formulated blend of potassium, which can be used separately from your regular feeding program. Designed to be used in the peak of the flowering period, Horti RawK guarantees a superior appearance, tight flowers, and more dry weight at harvest. 

How It Works 

If the environmental conditions of a garden are less than ideal, for example, if temperatures or humidity percentages reach inadequate levels for extended periods, mature buds can become loose, lose rigidity, or become soft and sponge-like. Consider adding GreenPlanet’s Horti RawK to your existing feeding program to increase late-flower hardiness. Horti Rawk provides your plants with a hyper-concentrated amount of potassium (K) during the later stages of the flowering period. This increase in potassium helps encourage the tight formation of mature flowers.

Use and Concentration

Use 1-2 g/1 L (4-8 g/1 Gal) of Horti Rawk once a week. Add in the last 3 weeks of flowering, allowing at least one week of flush. Also, use Horti RawK with water only – this product can increase the PPM of your nutrient solution by 1400. 

Need support in the garden? GreenPlanet is here to help! For more information on the products or information mentioned in this article, contact your GreenPlanet representative directly, or your local garden supply store. If you happen to notice loose, or soft buds, consider enhancing your crop with GreenPlanet’s Horti-RawK.

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