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Nutrient Deficiencies

Without access to essential elements, crops can exhibit deficiencies such as yellow, purple, or bronze discoloration, spotting, interveinal chlorosis and slow, or stunted growth. Common nutrient deficiencies can devastate crops or drastically diminish yields. To avoid common deficiencies, enrich your crop with a well-rounded feeding program. However, if you notice potential nutrient deficiencies at any stage, consider supplementing your crop with additional primary, secondary, and micronutrients. 

Caused By:

  • Weak Genetics 
  • Inadequate Nutrients 
  • Plant Stress

Solution: Pro Cal

Pro Cal is GreenPlanet’s supplemental source of essential elements that plants require at all stages of growth. Pro Cal’s formula provides readily available calcium and magnesium, as well as iron, nitrogen, boron, and zinc to ensure your plants do not come up short when they are ready for rapid growth. 

How It Works

GreenPlanet’s Pro Cal is loaded with several sources of primary, secondary, and micronutrients to ensure your plants stay healthy and happy in all stages of growth. Plants undergo a large amount of stress in their goal to build cell walls, produce chlorophyll, and conduct photosynthesis. Pro Cal helps plants with this workload by providing access to a variety of clean, quality-assured elements. Pro Cal can assist in fixing a wide variety of nutrient inadequacies including nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc deficiencies. 

Use and Concentration 

Pro Cal includes essential nutrients like nitrogen, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Use Pro Cal at a rate of 1.25 ml/L (4.5 ml/Gal) to protect your plants from common nutrient deficiencies. 

Need support in the garden? GreenPlanet is here to help! For more information on the products or information mentioned here, contact your GreenPlanet representative directly, or your local garden supply store. 

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Plants can be affected by a wide spectrum of variables. If you’re unsure about the many factors that hinder or prevent maximum yields, contact us today with a brief description of your issue.

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