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GreenPlanet Nutrients 2 Part Outdoor BackCountry Blend Affordable Dry Fertilizer Solution for Outdoor Growing

A granular, slow-release nutrient system that provides outdoor cannabis plants with stable nutrition throughout periods of vegetative, flowering, and ripening growth.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Garden With BackCountry

Proven results by growers!

With the season approaching, there is one formula trusted by the experienced outdoor gardener – GreenPlanet Nutrients BackCountry Blend. Coming in three specific “parts”, BackCountry Blend is the complete, cost-effective and reliable system of plant nutrition that was specifically designed to save the outdoor grower time, money and labour.

Save Time, Money and Labour with this dry fertilizer

Grow smart, not hard!

We designed the BackCountry Blend (BCB) feeding program as an economic choice for gardeners who want to spend less, save time and expend less labour in the process of getting the same reliable results.
For us at YETIVA, BACKCOUNTRY BLEND worked flawlessly. AFFORDABILITY, STABLE & TIME SAVING!!! We were under time constraints and just couldn't have been busier, BACKCOUNTRY made daily and weekly maintenance a breeze and saved time in so many ways. PLUS our plants had never been happier. Not to mention the reps and staff at GreenPlanet answering any and all questions we had. We here at YETIVA will be continuing to use GREENPLANET from here on out.
Oklahoma owned and operated OMMA certified medical mariluana facility
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Do you need a dry fertilizer for your outdoor grow?

Then the 2 Part BackCountry Feed Program is for you

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Plant Fertilizer Feed programs for the American grower.

Find the right GPN Feed Program for your American Garden! Designed for growers to save time and money.

GreenPlanet provides feed programs for both commercial or personal growing. The GreenPlanet Nutrients team are here to help you get the yields you deserve.

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Plant Additives in the USA

Enhance natural patterns of plant development.

There are a wide variety of additive nutrients available in the US market. For example, GreenPlanet Nutrients manufactures 16 nutrient additives, including beneficial bacteria inoculants, bloom boosters, and carbohydrate supplements.

GreenPlanet nutrients additives

To learn more about the 2 Part BackCountry Blend Feed Program, contact the sales representatives at GreenPlanet. Look out for BCB at your local garden supply store!