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Same Amazing Formula, Same Amazing Results, Now Registered!

We are excited to announce that Root Builder has been officially approved for registration under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and Fertilizer Safety Section (FSS). With Root Builder, you can grow confidently knowing your plants are getting the highest quality ingredients possible with GreenPlanet Nutrients. 

The Bigger The Roots, the Bigger the Fruits!

What is Root Builder?

Root Builder is an additive that can be used during the vegetative and flowering stages. Use Root Builder to increase root mass, improve the conversion rate of organic and inorganic material, and as a microbial soil amendment. Use Root Builder at a rate of 1.25 ml/L (5 ml/Gal) in conjunction with your nutrient solution, to enhance your plant’s root zone, increase nutrient uptake, and prevent root disease. 

The Benefits

Using a beneficial bacteria supplement has amazing benefits in the garden; GreenPlanet’s Root Builder, for instance, is loaded with various strains of Bacillus Licheniformis and Bacillus Subtilis, two powerful, and natural sources of bacteria that enhance the root zone and facilitate healthier, more vigorous periods of growth and bloom. David Robinson, a renowned educator and cultivation expert, further explains the importance of beneficial microbes in his book titled, The Growers Handbook: Teachings of the Garden Sage. 

There are many microorganism and beneficial bacteria products available in our industry that are very useful in expanding the root surface and increasing the nutrient uptake. These products can also increase stalk and branch thickness. In organic water gardens, microorganisms are an essential component of root disease prevention.

(Robinson, 2012, p. 72) 

So, as Robinson states, not only does Root Builder enhance the natural growth patterns of plants, but beneficial microorganisms also protect against potential issues and diseases such as root rot, pythium, and general stress. 

The Importance of Certification 

The certification of fertilizer can mean a few important things to gardeners. Most importantly, plant products certified by governmental organizations like the CFIA and FSS are put through rigorous safety and input tests to maintain standards in the field of organic and mineral-based agriculture. The FFS, for example, tests and ensures that certified products do not contain harmful or poisonous amounts of trace minerals, pesticides, or bacteria. So, when you use a registered supplement like Root Builder, you can be sure your garden will benefit from all the claims expressed throughout this article, without any unexpected issues. 

To access the rich and diverse compounds of Root Builder, contact a member of the GreenPlanet sales team, or your local garden supply store for product information and purchasing inquiries. 

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