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GreenPlanet Nutrients forms a strategic distribution agreement with Canadian company BIOFLORAL®

Press Release. Surrey, BC (June 1, 2020)

GreenPlanet Nutrients is extremely pleased to announce that it has formed a strategic distribution agreement with BIOFLORAL®, a leading Canadian Wholesaler for commercial growers and retailers based in Laval, QC. 

BIOFLORAL® is happy and excited to announce that GreenPlanet Nutrients are now available through us and we look forward to our two companies working more closely together moving forward.”, said Francois Deguire, President.  “For our customers, we know that you will be excited to learn that our initial stocking order of GreenPlanet Nutrients is already on its way!

Francois Deguire, President of BioFloral

BIOFLORAL® is a leading Canadian Wholesaler that has been operating in the horticultural and indoor gardening space for over 20 years. During that time, they have built an excellent reputation both locally and globally for their knowledge and expertise, service levels, and breadth of products available in their Wholesale catalogue.  Proud to be associated with the leading brands in the Industry, BIOFLORAL® offers the highest quality products to retailers, LP’s and commercial growers across Canada.  With over 100 years of combined experience, the team at BIOFLORAL® is excited to now have GreenPlanet Nutrients added to their already impressive catalogue of available items.

We could not be more excited for this partnership”, said GreenPlanet Nutrients co-founder Justin Cooper.  “Over the course of conversations over several months, it became clear that the values and goals of both of our companies are very much aligned making the decision to open distribution of our brand to BIOFLORAL® a very simple one”   

Justin Cooper, Co Founder of GreenPlanet Nutrients

BIOFLORAL® has established themselves as a leading wholesaler in our space with strong roots in the industry”, said GreenPlanet Nutrients co-founder Steven Betts.  “We are proud of the Market share that has been achieved thus far, but believe that this partnership will extend the reach of our brand to new heights.  More importantly, this will allow more gardeners the opportunity to use the World’s finest plant nutrients”. 

Steven Betts, Co Founder of GreenPlanet Nutrients

About GreenPlanet Nutrients

GreenPlanet Nutrients are proudly distributed throughout North America by Green Planet Wholesale Ltd, Green Planet Wholesale East Ltd, Left Coast Wholesale, Sparetime Distribution, Great Lakes Garden Wholesale and now BIOFLORAL® 

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