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CannaCon South 2021

Catch the GreenPlanet Nutrients Team at BOOTH #812!

Following Oklahoma’s legalization of medical cannabis, the business of legal cannabis is now in full swing in Oklahoma. CannaCon will provide an interactive gathering of like-minded professionals uniting leading pioneers and entrepreneurs with investors and experts discussing the latest industry developments. Access the next generation of cannabis technology and consumer products while discovering what trends influence the future marketplace of 2019—and beyond. CannaCon is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry. It is our mission to provide a global venue for cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and community partners to showcase industry products, experts, and innovations; and to cultivate business values within the cannabis industry through education and responsible community involvement.

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Products Featured at the Event



Medi One is our certified organic product that can be used as a foundation for plant growth and general health throughout the entirety of a plant’s life cycle. Backed by OMRI’s quality assurance stamp, Medi One is formulated from multiple organic sources including hydrolyzed, slow-steamed Atlantic Menhaden, sea kelp, and naturally sourced potassium sulfate.

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Want tighter, heavier flowers? Try Horti-rawK. Horti-rawK is our highly-concentrated potassium supplement that is designed to be used in the last weeks of flower. This dry fertilizer is a specially formulated blend of potassium that is highly soluble and used separately from your regular feeding program. Using Horti-rawK in your grow will maximize weight and bulk flowers during the bloom stage for a final crop full of dense buds.

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Medi One’s Role in an Organic Garden

Learn how GreenPlanet’s Medi One provides all the control and availability of synthetic fertilizer in a completely organic product.

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Understanding the Feed Program: Medi-One

Want to learn more about the Medi-One feed program? Find how the Medi-One feed program offers organic base nutrients and a selection of growing and bloom additives.

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Maximize Your Yields with Our Simple Potassium Additive

Find out how our simple potassium additive, Horti-rawK, can lead to bigger blooms and heavier harvests.

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May 27 - 28 2021


Oklahoma City Convention Center
100 Mick Cornett Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States

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