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GreenPlanet Nutrients 2 Part Dual Fuel Feed Program From the grow tent to commercial garden, Dual Fuel was designed to scale up or down without the headache.

GreenPlanet Nutrients 2 part dual fuel feed program bundle

2 part Dual Fuel Feed Program gives you the ability to fine-tune your garden to ensure you get bigger and better yields.

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Watch the video and learn about the benefits of The Dual Fuel Feed Program.

I switched to greenplanet three part over a year ago and now run four different lines all Green planet in use many other Green planet wholesale backed products …they and myself stand behind their products and definitely their service they’ve treated me like family since the beginning and it’s built to a great friendship …. Thanks for the great products and service you provide to the whole gp team from the bottom of our hearts!
Chris Mann
@Daweedmann (Instagram)

2 part plant feed program

Hassle-free plant nutrients

Whether you’re new to the trade or have been growing for decades, Dual Fuel can offer growers everywhere the simplicity and quality-driven results so desperately needed in the garden.

A simple to use fertilizer regime for your plants

Grow smart, not hard!

This 2-part nutrient system which emphasizes simplicity, reliability and results in the garden. Built for beginners, experts, hobbyists, and commercial growers, the Dual Fuel feeding system makes no apologies for being the easiest and most economical fertilizer on the market.

cost effective dual fuel feed program by GreenPlanet

Are you looking for a cost-effective plant feed program?

Then the 2 Part Dual Fuel Feed Program is for you

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US Plant Fertilizer Feed programs

Find the right feed program for your grow! Designed for growers to save time and money.

GreenPlanet provides feed programs for both commercial or personal growing. The GreenPlanet Nutrients team are here to help you get the yields you deserve.

Click on the link below to learn more about each feed program and how they can benefit you.

Plant Additives in the USA

Enhance natural patterns of plant development.

There are a wide variety of additive nutrients available in the US market. For example, GreenPlanet Nutrients manufactures 16 nutrient additives, including beneficial bacteria inoculants, bloom boosters, and carbohydrate supplements.

GreenPlanet nutrients additives

To learn more about the 2 Part Dual Fuel Feed Program, contact the sales representatives at GreenPlanet. Look out for Dual Fuel at your local garden supply store!