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Enhance aroma and flavor with GreenPlanet's Rezin.
• NO PGR's
• Does not affect EC and PPM

GreenPlanet customers can save on the world's finest nutrients for orders placed between November 21st - December 4th.


  • USA promotion only
  • 10% off all products.
  • Free shipping on purchases of $150 or more


Enhance aroma and flavor with GreenPlanet's Rezin.
• NO PGR's
• Does not affect EC and PPM

GreenPlanet customers can save on the world's finest nutrients for orders placed between November 21st - December 4th.


  • USA promotion only
  • 10% off all products.
  • Free shipping on purchases of $150 or more


Enhance aroma and flavor with GreenPlanet's Rezin.
• NO PGR's
• Does not affect EC and PPM


The worlds finest plant nutrients in the USA - Produced in Canada

GreenPlanet Nutrients plant fertilizers are designed so that any and all craft and commercial growers can maximize their yields to the highest potential.

Our fertilizers are rapidly becoming the number one choice for all plant enthusiasts in Canada and now available in stores all over the USA.

Everything we do is in the pursuit of a greener world.

Plant fertilizer feed programs

Need help finding the right GPN Feed Program? Designed for growers to save time and money.

GreenPlanet provides feed programs for both commercial or personal growing.
The Green Planet Nutrients team are here to help you get the yields you deserve.

Click on the link below to learn more about each feed program and how they can benefit you.

Plant Additives in the USA

Enhance natural patterns of plant development.

There are a wide variety of additive nutrients available in the US market. For example, GreenPlanet Nutrients manufactures 16 nutrient additives, including beneficial bacteria inoculants, bloom boosters, and carbohydrate supplements.

GreenPlanet nutrients additives
GreenPlanet Nutrients Gallery

GPN Nutrients in action

Check out the gallery page to see the results of our happy customers.

GreenPlanet Nutrients are quality-focused and results-based. Don’t just take our word for it., check it out for yourself.

Whether that be frosty Cannabis buds to floral flowers, our plant nutrients guarantee to produce results.

Plant nutrient calculator

Try the simple, plant fertilizer calculator Select your program, measurements and reservoir size - Done.

The development team at GreenPlanet Nutrients HQ have built a user friendly, online, state of the art nutrient calculator which allows you to easily figure out how much fertilizer you should mix in your reservoir tank.

Solutions for plant growing issues

Solve common plant growing problems together GreenPlanet USA are with you all the way

The scientists at GreenPlanet aren’t the type of people to sell you plant fertilizers without making sure they provide you with the necessary instructions  to help guide you from start to finish in your growing ventures.  With an ever growing archive of plant growing guides giving you  tips and advice to help issues that you might face when growing any plant life.

Plant fertilizer store locator

Supplied in over 1832 locations Find your closest plant nutrient retailer or distributor

You can either purchase plant nutrients from us in our online store or you can find your nearest local shop to buy your fertilizers and support local trades. Enter your postcode and hit search and we’ll find the closest store to you in no time at all..

Let GreenPlanet's experts help you

Click through the media tabs below to read the blog, browse frequently asked questions, view our live gallery or quick select our tools and resources.

Tools and resources


All of your MSDS sheets for all GreenPlanet plant nutrient products


Use our state of the art, plant fertilizer calculator to assist you with measurements and time


View the heroes behind their masks and get to know the work force behind Canada's finest plant nutrient company


Click here to find all the feed programs, MSDS sheets, and product info


Click here to find the certificate of Analysis for the GPN Nutrients that you’ve purchased


Download the latest GreenPlanet Nutrient Booklet, available in multiple languages

GreenPlanet Blog

What are Additive Nutrients?

An additive nutrient, or nutrient supplement, can be described as any plant food product that seeks to enhance natural patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lineup of nutrients contains a mixture of mineral-based and organic formulas.
Our Medi One base nutrient is OMRI Listed.

2-3 years when stored in a cool, dark space. Shelf life will vary between products.

From tomatoes and cucumbers to medicinal plants, our nutrients can be used for whatever you’re growing both indoors and outdoors.

Not at all. We offer a wide range of nutrients and feed programs to meet a variety of nutrient requirements growers may find in the garden. Check out our Resource Centre and blog page to learn more about what we offer.

Many of our nutrients are available in 208L and 1000L drums. Please contact us for more information.

Our products are CFIA approved to ensure you are getting the highest-quality registered products on the market.

Cannabis growing for beginners

New to cannabis cultivation?

Starting your green-thumbed adventure can seem pretty scary. But don’t worry, at GreenPlanet Nutrients, we like to take the hassle out of growing. Below we have provided articles on the basics of cannabis cultivation to provide a better overall future for cannabis. Visit our blog for more information or contact us at

Understanding Plant Nutrition

The Difference Between Organic and Synthetic Gardening

What Are Base Nutrients?

Understanding the Parts of GreenPlanet Nutrients Base Fertilizer Programs

Understanding the Feed Program: Medi-One

Understanding the Feed Program: Dual Fuel

Grower testimonials

Why choose GreenPlanet Nutrients?

GreenPlanet’s growers will often tell you how much better their growing experiences have been since switching to our plant fertilizers.

We’re passionate about sourcing the purest, cleanest water while using the highest quality ingredients and materials, ensuring that the environment is protected and improving the lives of the people who grow with them. It is for this reason specifically that we produce the world’s best plant fertilizers.
Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our customers say below and be sure to check the comments and reviews on our social media platforms such as Insta and FB. Grow with confidence!

Horticulture media

Featured on Growing Exposed Massively successful YouTube channel dedicated to growers

Join Justin Cooper as he showcases the very in horticulture cultivation in the hit online series, Growing Exposed. In this episode, Justin meets the Cuban Crew, a family run grow with a focus on small-batch, artisanal strains grown with the world’s finest plant nutrients

Play Video
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A little dirt on us

Meet Justin and Steve Founders of GreenPlanet Nutrients

Our mission at GreenPlanet Nutrients is to focus on health! The health of the environment and the inhabitants on our planet.


At Green Planet Nutrients it has always been, and will always be, about the quality and purity of our products


Based in BC, Canada weʼre able to implement our 25 years of craft growing knowledge into the production of our innovative nutrients. Through this, we plan to give the hobby or commercial grower the peace of mind they can reach new highs in their yields while doing their part in the cultivation of a greener future.


Canada is a cultural mosaic, and itʼs our Canadian community that gives us the strength of unity through difference to strive for a better future for all to enjoy.

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