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GreenPlanet Nutrients Rezin Bring the fire to your flower this season with Rezin, our aroma and flavor enhancer.

Rezin is our flowering additive formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma.

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Dave Falkins Master Grower @Dunn Cannabis Testimonial

Increase your trichome production

Grow Trichomes - Not Flowers

When it comes to cannabis, experienced growers prefer quality over quantity. The truth is, growers today want to produce bigger trichomes, not flowers. Unlike its flowers, cannabis trichomes hold a wealth of psychoactive, medicinal, and therapeutic properties.

Bring fire to your crop with GreenPlanet’s Rezin

Grow trichomes like an expert!

GreenPlanet’s Rezin has recently received the honour of being named the “best flavour enhancer” of 2020 in High Times magazine. This means that among other flavour-enhancing products on the market, High Times found that Rezin beat the competition in terms of the product’s ability to improve taste, aroma and trichome density.

Watch the video and learn about the benefits of Rezin.

Grow Trichomes - Not Flowers

When it comes to cannabis, experienced growers prefer quality over quantity.

That’s why, they use Rezin, the award-winning flavour and aroma enhancer.

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GreenPlanet provides feed programs for both commercial or personal growing. The GreenPlanet Nutrients team are here to help you get the yields you deserve.

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Plant Additives in the USA

Enhance natural patterns of plant development.

There are a wide variety of additive nutrients available in the US market. For example, GreenPlanet Nutrients manufactures 16 nutrient additives, including beneficial bacteria inoculants, bloom boosters, and carbohydrate supplements.

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To learn more about Rezin, contact the sales representatives at GreenPlanet. Look out for Rezin at your local garden supply store!