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Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard

GreenPlanet empowers you to share your passions and earn money while you do it. Whether you’re a first-time content creator or an established influencer, you’ll find all the tools to make, share, earn, and live better.


Find new opportunities to monetize your content and earn commissions on the sales you refer with no cap.


Connect with our community and learn insider tips and tricks.


Utilize your dashboard to understand your audience and analytics better, develop your aesthetic, and scale your brand.

Experience the benefits

Whether you’re an emerging influencer or boast a loyal following, GreenPlanet Nutrients provides access to beloved products, content inspiration, and avenues to monetize your efforts while aligning with our vision.

Maximize Your Impact

Showcase your dedication by sharing at least one GreenPlanet post per month and one story per week on your platforms. This xnt engagement helps grow your follower base and ensures you earn commission by sharing products you genuinely love.

Elevate Your Status

Top-performing affiliates are offered the prestigious opportunity to become collaborators, granting access to an array of enhanced marketing opportunities, exclusive sponsor programs, and more.

Minimum Requirements

If you have a social media account with around 5,000 followers (or less, depending on a case-by-case analysis), you qualify to be a GreenPlanet Nutrients affiliate!

Note: to be approved, you must have a public account with a viable link. If one is not provided, your application will be denied.

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