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frequently asked questions

Our lineup of nutrients contains a mixture of mineral-based and organic formulas.
Our Medi One base nutrient is OMRI Listed.

2-3 years when stored in a cool, dark space. Shelf life will vary between products.

From tomatoes and cucumbers to medicinal plants, our nutrients can be used for whatever you’re growing both indoors and outdoors.

Not at all. We offer a wide range of nutrients and feed programs to meet a variety of nutrient requirements growers may find in the garden. Check out our Resource Centre and blog page to learn more about what we offer.

Many of our nutrients are available in 208L and 1000L drums. Please contact us for more information.

Samples and GreenPlanet swag may be available at select authorized retailers depending on availability. Check our Store Locator for a location near you.Samples and swag are also available at the industry events we attend throughout the year. See any upcoming events on our Events Calendar.

We recommend keeping your pH levels between 5.8-6.5 for optimal nutrient uptake.

Like recipes, our feeding programs contain different base nutrients and supplements that complement skills, preferences, and desired outcomes in the garden. Medi One is our organic-based 1 part, while our 2 part Dual Fuel, 3 part GP3, and 4 part Hydro Fuel are all synthetic-based feed programs. We have also partnered with AutoPot Watering Systems to create an AutoPot Dual Fuel and AutoPot GP3 feed program tailored specifically for their grow systems. Lastly, we have a feed program with products formulated for the demands of outdoor growers called Backcountry Blend. Choose your feed program based on your current skill level and best fit for your garden.

Feed charts for all our feed programs are available in our Resource Centre under the feed programs tab. We also have a Nutrient Calculator that does that math for you. Simply choose your preferred feed program and follow the dosing instructions week by week.

The majority of our nutrients will work in any grow medium. Refer to the handy icons on the back of our bottles to see which mediums the nutrient is recommended for. Get to know all our bottle icons in our icon blog and icon explainer video.

Our products are CFIA approved to ensure you are getting the highest-quality registered products on the market.

This will depend on the conditions of your reservoir and which nutrients you are using. We recommend changing your nutrient solution every 1-2 weeks.

Using Rezin during flush ensures a clean, aromatic, and flavorful crop. Other products, like Karbo Boost, Liquid Weight and Root Builder can also be used during the flushing process to enhance terpenes and speed up metabolic activity.

All our products are interchangeable between indoor and outdoor growing. For outdoor growers, we recommend checking out our Backcountry Blend feed program – formulated specifically for outdoor crops. Click here for 5 reasons why!

You should start feeding when the first set of true leaves emergy (second set

post-germination). How often you feed will depend on numerous factors such as grow environment, grow medium, strain nutrient requirements, stage of growth, etc. Refer to the feed charts in our Resource Centre for the nutrient ratios in each week of growth.

The icons found on the front of our bottles indicate whether it is a dry or liquid

fertilizer, what type of nutrient it is (base, additive, maintenance,), and whether the product should be used in the vegetative stage, flowering stage, or both. The icons on the back of our bottles indicate what grow medium we recommend using the product in. Get to know all our bottle icons in our icon blog and icon explainer  video.

The 3 numbers are N-P-K values. N-P-K stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These are the macronutrients that are key for healthy plant growth. Different stages of plant growth require these elements in varying amounts. Click here to learn more about NPK.

Some of our nutrients are suitable to apply as a foliar spray, such as Ocean Magic and Medi One. Look for low NPK values or more natural-based nutrients so that you don’t burn the foliage.

GreenPlanet Nutrients products can be purchased at an authorized GreenPlanet retailer. Use our Store Locator to find your nearest store. Our nutrients can also be purchased directly through our website on our shop page. When possible, we always recommend purchasing from your local retailer to support your local economy and the environment!

You can find all of our Certificates of Analysis for all our products on our COA page. Click here.

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