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3 Part GP3 Feed Program

3 Part GP3 Feed Program

Formulated for the veteran grower, GP3 offers increased flexibility, control and reliability. 

GP3 is the OG of 3 part feed programs. It’s the 3 part base nutrient system that has been tried and tested by seasoned growers throughout the years. If you want a product backed by veteran growers then this is the feed program for you.

Feed Program Contains: 



Feed Program Benefits:

Contains No Dyes or Synthetic Colours

Unlike our competitors, GP3 contains only what your plants need to thrive.

Increased Flexibility and Control

Allows for more control over the levels of nutrients your plants receive than a traditional 2 part system.

Low Salt Index

GP3 is a super clean product: each part of the system goes through a rigorous filtration process during production to leave absolutely no sediment or residue in your reservoir once mixed.

100% Chelated Micronutrients

All the micronutrients in GP3 are 100% chelated, so you can be sure your plants will get the micronutrients they need to thrive.

Seamlessly Integratable

Each part of the GP3 program can be seamlessly integrated into any 3 part feeding program.

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