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Outdoor 2 Part BackCountry Blend Feed Program

Outdoor 2 Part BackCountry Blend Feed Program

A granular, slow-release nutrient system that provides outdoor plants with stable nutrition throughout periods of vegetative, flowering, and ripening growth.

The Backcountry Blend (BCB) feed program is an economic choice for gardeners who wanted to spend less, save time and expend less labor in the process of getting the same reliable results. The base nutrient component comes in two parts: BCB Grow and BCB Bloom. 

Feed Program Contains: 



Feed Program Benefits:

Save Time

BackCountry Blend (BCB) saves growers time by being the simplest and most aggressive slow-release formula on the market. Here are some of the time-saving qualities of the BCB feeding program: 

  • Monthly Feeding (every 3-4 weeks)
  • No Mixing 
  • No Buffering 
  • Easy Application 

Save Money 

BackCountry Blend is the only feed program that promises economic nutrition without compromising results. Read the blog, Our Affordable Fertilizer Solution for Outdoor Growing, for an analysis of the cost-saving capabilities of the BCB feed program. 

Save Labor 

With a slow-release fertilizer like BackCountry Blend, you can expect a massive decrease in labor with capabilities like: 

  • Water Only Irrigation
  • Minimal Application 
  • Easy to Train Staff 
  • No Water Reservoirs Needed (Perfect for Irrigation Systems)

Learn More About this Feed Program

Read the blogs below to learn more about the Outdoor 2 Part Backcountry Blend Feed Program:

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This blog will cover:

  • The Parts of the BackCountry Blend Feed Program 
  • How BCB Saves Time, Money and Labour

The Benefits of Slow-Release Fertilizer

This blog will cover:

  • A Close Look at BackCountry Blend 
  • Benefits of Slow-Release Fertilizer 
  • Growing Outdoors

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